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Professional Storyteller



Spoken Stories

Create Culture

YouTube Video Channel 



Professional Networks/Affiliations



Pennsylvania Council on the Arts/
Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership (PAEP)

bring arts-based learning experiences to students in K-12 schools throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. Denise is in the PAEP directory. Visit PAEP to apply for an artist in residence.




Pennsylvania Humanities Council (PHC)

Commonwealth Speaker Bio
Fosters lifelong learning in the cultural traditions through public programs that renew memories and ideals. Denise is on the Commonwealth Speakers Bureau. Visit PHC to apply for a speaker



Philadelphia Folklore Project






Read About it! …

History/MyStory/OurStory: Crafting and Telling Historical Stories

Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership (PAEP) September 26, 2011

Sojourn On… Storyteller Presents. Sun Gazette
, July 9, 2011


International Storyteller to portray Sojourner Truth
Sun Gazette, August 6, 2010.



Inspiring Interviews

Posted by Jolene Owen (Editor-at-large)



Denise Valentine, Storyteller is unforgettable at NSN All Regions Concert - Miami Examiner



Denise Valentine Storyteller lands National Storytelling Network role for Best story
March 2011 Miami Examiner. Francine Adams:’s Cultural Revival 

"And The Eyes Have It"

Close up of Denise’s video
Romance of Volcano and Ocean


one hundred black women, one hundred actions
a performance of critical actions, gestures and movements
by one hundred black women from around the world

action 28: Speak Your Truth Outloud



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 Storytelling Links

Keepers of the Culture, Inc. - (K.O.T.C.) Philadelphia’s Afrocentric Storytelling Group

National Association of Black Storytellers

National Storytelling Network

Education Links




Special Offer!
Online Tutoring Sessions

Reading & Math

Grades K-12 (PA Only)

Aligned to State Curriculum

State Exam/Graduation Test Prep

For More information visit:

Achieve HighPoints (by Datamatics Inc.)

State Approved Online SES Provider under NCLB Program

Education Advocate: Denise Valentine ID#PA3100

Community Outreach and Student Recruitment


Note: The School District of Philadelphia offers free Supplemental Educational Services (SES) to any child attending a Title I school and receiving Cash Assistance from the Department of Welfare. Achieve HighPoints (a State Approved Online SES Program) offers free Online Tutoring in Math & Reading and provides a Laptop for the duration of the program to any child eligible for SES.

Contact your school district to find out if your child is eligible for SES or visit:

Learning Styles and The Multiple Intelligences
Multiple Intelligence (MI) Theory, developed by educational psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner, recognizes that intelligence can come in many forms. MI Theory extends our conventional notions of the gifted child by outlining seven kinds of intelligence in any (one or more) of which a child may excel: linguistic, musical, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, intrapersonal and interpersonal. Gardner added an eighth one to his list called Naturalistic Intelligence: an ability to recognize plants, animals, and other parts of natural environment such as rocks, trees, flowers, clouds. And a ninth, Existential Intelligence: to exhibit the proclivity to pose and ponder questions about life, death and ultimate realities. (See the Multiple Intelligence Activity Chart)





The Partnership for 21st Century Skills
The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has developed a unified, collective vision for 21st century learning that can be used to strengthen American education.



PBS Teachers

Educational resources and activities and supplemental activities.

PBS Activity Pack










Peace & Social Justice Links

Teach Peace

A multitude of great ideas for working with youth of all ages, Teach Peace offers curricula, videos, and a youth-designed coloring book that helps show how anyone, no matter how small, can make a big difference in the world.

Victory Over Violence (VOV)
The Victory Over Violence campaign, hopes to inspire young people throughout the world to identify and counteract the root causes of violence in their own lives, homes, schools and local communities through awareness, introspection, individual empowerment and a courageous and creative commitment to dialogue.






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